Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lake Washington

Temperatures in Seattle on Saturday reached 85 degrees. Not hot by Sacramento standards, but really hot for Seattle. Especially, given that we (and most other Seattleites) don’t have air conditioning and we live in a 1970’s house that is not insulated for heat (or cold). So we decided it would be fun to go to the Lake Washington beach near Mt. Baker Park.

We weren’t the only people with the idea to go to the beach. The beach was packed! Once we found a spot to set our towels, we gathered our sand toys, new squirt gun, and headed to the water.

We set down our sand toys to take a quick dip. The water was freezing, and Jack was terrified of swimming or even wading into the water. Turns out he didn’t inherit his mom’s love for water. So we decided to just play in the sand. We turned to use our sand toys and they were gone! I located our bucket, which still had the tags on it so I knew it was ours. The boy who had it gave it back to me and grabbed the next closest bucket (little bucket thief). And after some searching I found our castle-making toy and fish form. I decided to let the brother/sister pair continue to play with the toys. I told them I would be back in 10 or so minutes to retrieve them. Jack enjoyed the digging. He even gave his new squirt gun a try.

So to make a long story short, after 5 minutes of digging, Jack realized he was dirty and wanted his hands and feet washed immediately. We waded into the water and Jack freaked out! He clung to me with all his might and began to wail! When Jack tried to wipe his tears away he rubbed sun block into his eyes, began to cry louder and was now in physical and emotional distress. The sand toys were never returned and I was squirted in the eye by a kid who asked if he could try our gun (he went on to squirt all the kids in the area before I finally took it away. It’s probably what I get for buying my son a toy gun anyway). Good times at the beach!

Here Jack is recovering in daddy’s arms after his dip in the water.

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