Friday, June 20, 2008

California Adventure

Jack and I were together in CA for a week. We had a short time to visit all those people we love so much. We weren't able to see everyone, but we had fun.

Our longest journey was to visit the Peyron Family in San Carlos. We drove to the S. Bay at 8am and Left San Carlos to head back to Sac at 3pm. We visited the park, played in the Peyron's back yard, had a nice lunch out back together (even Matt was able to join us for a short time), then we stopped by Starbucks on the way out of town.

We met up with Brandy, Lynnette and little Audrey for the afternoon. Then had the pleasure of seeing Audrey & Lynnette the next day for some swim time. We also got to play with Summer and her baby Phoebe.

We went to the park and to lunch with Sandy, Raider, Haylie, and James Runner. And also had some play time with Nichole, Sandy’s sister, and her beautiful little girls, Kylee, and Leah (not pictured).

I got a chance to see April, who is expecting her first baby in October, and Lynette and Audrey (for the 3rd day in a row). A side not, but very cute. Jack refers to Audrey as "Miss Audrey." The first day we visited with Lynnette and Audrey Lynnette asked Jack if he would give "Miss Audrey" a kiss. The name stuck!

Jack, my mom, and I had dinner with Liz and her mom. But we didn’t bring our camera. The battery on the camera was exhausted. But we weren’t! We would have done more visiting, but we had to get back to Seattle to prepare for the summer camp I will be leading this week.

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The Runner Bunch said...

We had such a fun time hanging out!! Hope to see you soon!