Saturday, May 24, 2008

Date Night

Friday nights are usually “Date Night.” We get a baby sitter, meet down town, and go to dinner, out with friends or to a show. Marty is out of town this weekend with some of his buddies from college. That didn’t stop “Date Night” though:
I had a fabulous evening out. I enjoyed terrific Chinese food, easy conversation and pleasant company. I even got a kiss at the end of the night. That’s right, I had a date! Jack is 21/2 now and quite a good companion- if I do say so myself. I was planning on getting the food to go, but when we got the restaurant, I thought, what the heck? Why not stay, avoid doing dishes and enjoy an hour with my boy? The conversation was mostly about the movie “Cars.” He is very obsessed with the show and retells every scene. But we also talked about school, daddy, and his up coming visit to CA. What a pleasant and surprising Date Night!


The Runner Bunch said...

Yeah - I can leave comments now!!! How cute - Jack is quite the adorable little date. Look forward to seeing you guys! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Sarah, I went on your blog and read about your date with Jackson. How cute of the two of you. Also I received your letter today and Jack's picture for Bumpy which I loved. Have you looked on Ebay for mobiles for the "Childrens' Room" yet? Love and hugs Bumpy

Kirk and Abbey said...

Hi- Claire is hoping that she can meet Jack next time you are in Sacto! :)