Friday, May 16, 2008

Last Day of Music Class

Jack has been going to the Seattle Symphony's children's music classes for a year. We have attended class every Friday. He has an internal clock and when he wakes up Friday mornings he reminds me, “Mommy it is music class day”. He has grown so much both musically as well as socially. When we first began he would not really participate. He was shy about dancing and got nervous when we did activities. Now he is a little leader. He dances, sings songs, plays the instruments and has a great time. He is also mad about Ms. Katy his teacher. He talks about Ms. Katy all the time. When he listens to the CD's from the program he refers to the songs and CDs as "Ms. Katy music." And if he hears a piece of classical music played on piano he says it is Ms. Katy playing. Although he loves Ms. Katy he was shy about sitting on her lap for a picture!

Grandma was in town and joined us for Jack's last music class.

Sadly we are done attending music classes. We are gone thru a lot of the summer (it didn’t make sense to sign up for summer session) and Jack will be in preschool next year on Fridays (so no fall classes either). We will miss going to music classes- they have been such a part of his baby and toddler life.



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