Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Duck

For as long as we have lived in Seattle (one year) Sarah’s mom has been asking to go on the Duck. She has visited us 6 times since we moved here. And every visit it’s the same thing: “Can we ride the Duck?”

We’ve made excuses: it’s cold, it's raining, sorry it’s Jack’s nap time, Marty has work to do… but we couldn’t hold her off any longer. The weather was beautiful, Jack loves the water and Marty had the weekend free. Plus, Grandma outsmarted us and went to the website, booked the ride, & paid for the tickets. Look out Duck here we come…

The driver, dressed as a pirate, jumped on board the eight-wheeled craft and put on quite a show. Jack was not impressed! In fact, he was terrified! He hid his head against the seat and in the crook of Sarah’s arm until we reached the water portion of the ride. Once on the water he was too excited to be sacred.

“Jump” Marty’s nick-name for Sue, was in heaven the whole trip. Marty got the pleasure of sharing a seat with Jump. He was thoroughly embarrassed by her singing, duck quacking and genuine “Royal” merriment.

All in all we had a great time. The water portion of the trip was definitely the best part! Just don’t ask us to take you on the Duck when you come to visit. We’re just Ducky- thank you!

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Anonymous said...

sarah, when we come to visit can we go on the duck??? ;) hehe! my aunt loves it too...she reminds us of it often. ~april