Friday, June 05, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was so long ago, but I don't want to forget it, so I am finally blogging about it. Marty, Jack & Bryce got up early and snick to my favorite place Starbucks. They got my favorite drink, made me & Grandma (who was in town) a delicious breakfast, and we all went to church. It was low key but perfect! My favorite gift was the card Marty picked out, which was so fitting and sweet. I scanned it, so here it is:

The inside says:
"I'm cool with that.
Happy Mother's Day from the other side of the bed."

Since it was morning, I was not really photo ready, but as a mom I'm hardly ever camera ready regardless.

This is us just before church. Bryce looked cute too, but was napping, so we never got to take a picture of the boys together in their cute little church clothes.

Sadly, I did not get a picture of my mom & myself. Although, the moms had a great day!

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