Friday, June 05, 2009

Cama Beach, Memoral Day

Our friends the Newsum's invited us to their favorite Camping local. It was a perfect opportunity for us to try camping with 2 little boys and evaluate if this is a possible hobby for us this summer. We stayed in a tiny cabin on Lopez Island looking out on the Puget Sound. The cabin had a sink, microwave, small refridgerator, and two full sized beds. Jack got one bed to him self and Marty, Sarah & Bryce shared the other. Turns out we're not ready for tent camping. Bryce did not like being sandwiched between Marty and myself. So Marty went to sleep with Jack. Jack did not want Marty to sleep with him because Marty's snoring bothered him. Poor Daddy was not welcome in either bed, but eventually Bryce settled down to sleep and so did Jack (at 3am). Verdict: Not ready for tent camping!

Everything else was perfect! The camp site was awesome, Valerie created a little home in her cabin, and fed us a great dinner. The kids enjoyed searching for sea shells, rocks, and fishing. Even the weather was great!

Bryce enjoying a tubby in the sink

Our Cabin was "Lucky Number 7"

Jack was forced to come to our rescue when we discovered at 9pm that we were locked out of our cabin. When the kids were falling asleep Joe, Valerie, Marty and myself enjoyed the sunset in chairs out side our little cabins (that were side by side). When we decided to call it a night, our cabin door was locked. The Park Rangers had gone home and there was no way into our locked cabin. We went to the window near Jack's bed and called and called for him to wake up. As you can guess, he was in a rare deep sleep and would not budge. After yelling his name for 10 minutes he woke up and stumbled to the door, tried to open it and went back to bed. We then called and called and he returned to the door and successfully opened it. Yeah Jack!

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