Thursday, February 05, 2009

5 Months Old

Bryce is 5 months old. The poor guys has been really sick for the last week. He is getting a bit better. As a result he's been pretty sleepy and not up for much play. Bryce hates tummy time- especially when he is sick, but even when he was healthy. When we put him on his tummy he buries his face in the ground and screams. Bryce can roll over, but refuses! He just cries until either I pick him up, or sometimes Jack feels so sorry for Bryce he rolls him on to his back. I tried explaining that Bryce needs to be on his tummy, but Jack says, "But, he doesn't like it mommy." Bryce does enjoy sitting up though and will play with his things in a upright- seated position.

Bryce sick, taking a little nap in our bed.

Playing with Jack

Bryce loves Jack. He watches everything Jack does. In the tub Bryce get so excited because he can see Jack he kicks like crazy. Jack is also so sweet and often reads to Bryce. One morning Bryce was in the swing and Jack had pulled up his little chair, a stack of books, and was reading (Jack can't actually read yet, but has memorized just about every book we own) to Bryce. In the video below Jack is entertaining Bryce.


Casey or Chris said...

Brycie I am so glad you are starting to feel better!
In the second picture down where you are napping in your parents' bed I think you look like Louisa! Or like you could be her brother.
Get well soon and Happy 5 month birthday!
Love Casey (and Louisa)

~april said...

shake it jack--don't lick it! :)