Friday, January 23, 2009

Big Boy

So there is no question Bryce is chubby. We found out at his 4 month check up he is 18 and a half pounds. The doctor said we had to move him in to the next size car seat, which was fine with us, he was too heavy to carry in the other seat anyway. I guess all the food, makes for a happy baby. He is so sweet. The best part is we can lay him in a crib fully away and he falls to sleep on his own. I had heard this could happen, but with Jack I thought "self soothing" was an evil myth spread by vengeful, unhappy moms. Bryce has proven to us self soothing exists and he does it for all naps and at night. He still wakes up to eat at night- what a surprise, got to keep that figure just so!

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Casey or Chris said...

I LOVE this picture!!! And I LOVE fat babies. P.S. Louisa fell asleep on her own AND slept through the night from age 2 - 7 months! (Bryce will not stop at 7 months though)I am afraid our new baby boy will be opposite of Louisa like Bryce seems to be opposite of Jack.