Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cabo San Lucas

We went to Cabo with 28 of Sarah's childhood friends. We spent 5 action-packed days enjoying the sun and water. One of the neatest things was watching Elliot, Jack and Aurora play together. Holly and I grew up together and played with each other on a regular basis from birth. It was so fun for us to watch our kids enjoy each other!

The kids loved the pool, and were usually in it by 9 am. Bryce enjoyed his first dip in the ocean & a swimming pool. While we were in Cabo a huge nest of baby turtles hatched. It was like National geographic come alive!

The last night we enjoyed a beautiful sunset and had a great bonfire, complete with smores!

Here's a link to our Cabo Picture Album


matt & april said...

look so fun!!!

Ann said...

What a fantastic family get away. Looks like a wonderful vacation.