Friday, December 05, 2008

Birthday Boy

Jack is 3 now! He is so much fun. He is a very imaginative little guy. He can play for hours with little people and cars and trucks. He makes whole stories about what they are doing and where they are going. The other day his little people were going the get a passport. Jack is also a chatty boy. He enjoys discussing things. When we are in the car he has a running commentary about everything we pass and the sights and vehicles we see. In the past few months Jack has become very sweet and complementary. Jack says things like, "Daddy I'm so happy to see you." or "Mommy you look pretty." Ans he always says "I love you."
Jack is also a super big brother. He loves to kiss Bryce. He also loves it when Bryce reads books with him at night. Best of all he likes to have his brother around and he says, "I love Brycee, he's so cute."

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Casey or Chris said...

Jack and Bryce are such cuties and amazing little boys - they make me excited to have my own little boy!! You WERE right Sarah!! Not about the name though ;)
Love you guys,