Saturday, September 20, 2008


I have been on a mission to get the "perfect" picture of Bryce for his baby announcement. Marty's dad, Mike, stopped in on Thursday to meet Bryce (while he was passing through Seattle in route to Bellingham). He noticed the announcements I was working on and told this story:
Mike and Ben (Marty's 7 year old brother) were driving in the car. Mike was trying to explain to Ben the meaning of a perfectionist. Mike said "Ben, it comes from the root word perfect. A perfectionist is some one who like things just so. They like things to be perfect." Ben stops and thinks this over; then proclaims, "Oh, I know, like Sarah. She's a perfectionist!"
Ben stayed with us for 3 weeks this summer so I guess he might have picked up on my tendency to like everything just so. Poor Bryce has picked up on this tendency too. For the past week (almost daily) I have been trying to capture the "essence of Bryce." Here are some of the pictures I didn't choose.

The picture I finally decided on, is not "perfect" but my obsession with a perfect photo had to end!


chicoteresa said...

Oh Sarah,I so know what you mean! But, he looks pretty perfect to me in all of those photos.

The Runner Bunch said...

He looks perfect to me too! These are adorable! I love the first two :)

matt & april said...

sar, you are too funny (and i can relate...i try to get the "perfect" gimli picture often!). i'm excited to see the one you DID pick!

Ann said...

Totally understand. Rohan never got an announcement because I couldn't find the right picture until month 3! Way to get one of Bryce before then. And he is beautiful. Love the one of him using his lungs. Go Bryce Go.

SSShasta said...

I do the same thing! I think I took over 100 pics on Father's Day to get 'the perfect one', and my hub had to jump up and down behind me to keep their attention.... But I got the pic ;)