Friday, October 28, 2011


Marty has been traveling on a grueling schedule for the last four months. On Sunday night he leaves Seattle and flies on the redeye to Huston, waits about an hour and then catches a connecting flight to Austin. He works day and night for 4 days and flies home late Thursday night. A job perk is we got to tag along for 10 days and enjoy some Austin fun. Grandma even got to go too.
We got to see my uncle Steve and his band play. The boys even got to play his drums! Marty got to see live music for the first time in the "Music Capitol!"

The kids, Grandma Suejump, and myself got to visit the sights:

The kids loved riding the Duck! It was fun, but honestly, I think the Seattle Duck is better!

Watching the bats! Austin has the largest bat population in the whole United States over 2 million bats live under Congress Street Bridge!

The best part for us was all the sun and warmth! Perfect weather!

Last night, eating at the Hula Hut:


Casey Jean said...

Your family is so darn cute!!!

Anonymous said...

Such a fun trip with the best grandkids ever. They are great fun to be traveling with.