Friday, January 28, 2011


We renewed our membership to the Seattle Aquarium. We've spent several rainy afternoons visiting the fish, octopus, otters, & seals. Grandma, treated us to lunch one afternoon. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food.

The highlight of all of our visits was the day the octopus was fed by the aquarium staff. The octopus used his tentacles to grab a shrimp from the staff member and seeing the octopus fully spread out we were amazed by his size!

The boys love getting up close and seeing the fish and water mammals! The also love touching the starfish.


Casey or Chris said...

It's great to see some new photos! Brycie is SO BIG now! And we can't believe that Jack will be losing teeth soon! Louisa always talks about when she will lose her teeth when she's 5!

Suzanne said...

The Seattle Aquarium is terrific. I was literally awestruck at the up close and personal viewing of the octopus feeding. I never get tired of going with Jackie & Bryce.