Monday, November 01, 2010

Cal vs. Oregon State

We hit the road and took the boys to the Cal football game. We went to, Corvallis OR to see the Cal Bears play the Oregon State Beavers. Marty's family is Beaver alumni and his dad, Bobo, hosted a tailgate party. The tailgate was the highlight of the day for us Cal fans.

Look at this picture closely, Jack is in blue and gold- Cal colors. This picture was taken prior to him being corrupted by the Oregon family influences!

The Bears played terrible, Jack became a Beaver fan, and still waves the giant beaver paw Bobo got him, and we got rained on. Next year we're going to have to take the boys to Memorail Stadium to experience a true Cal game. Hopefully, Cal can make a better impression on Jack!

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Ann said...

Will have to start influencing Jack back to blue and gold ASAP!

What a fun outing.

Sadly memorial stadium is out of commission for the next few years. The bears are going to play at PacBell while they build a new, retrofitted stadium. Let the woo'ing begin. I think...