Sunday, August 30, 2009


We took our boys on there first camping trip. We dubbed it "glamping" glamorous camping. Nana and Poppa met us on the Washington coast with their camper for 2 nights of camping. The first night when we arrived at Cape Disappointment, which by the way was beautiful, it was raining. Heating up chili over the stove and eating in the camper at the banquet was cozy and fun. Plus, the boys enjoyed all the play space.

Sweet Bryce, asleep in out tent (in the pack n play)

The next day the rain stopped and the sun came out. In the morning we enjoyed beautiful beach walk. The great part was the state park allowed dogs on the beach. Jack & Bryce enjoyed riding the Skuut on the beach.

I call these kids "Lord of the Flies" note the shirtless kid in the back ground. The boys were in the rusty boat on the beach. The shirtless kid was leading the boys in turning the boat into a pool, one bucket at a time.

We really enjoyed our rain-less day!

In the evening Jack & Bryce enjoyed their first camp fire. We made smores, and a good time was had by all. Jack's favorite part was driving McQueen and Sally by the camp fire, in the dirt. In the morning...

Jack discovered his Lightning McQueen car was missing but Sally was still by the fire where he left it. Mommy suggested that perhaps the car that was probably covered in marshmallows and chocolate, was stolen by the raccoons who broke into our food during the night. Sure enough, we check around the camp site and found the car in bushes just beyond side our camp sight, about 5 yards from Sally. Jack was thrilled when Daddy had to climb into the bushes to save Lightning form the raccoon theifs. True story.

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Suzanne said...

Looks fun but I'll take a hotel over sleeping in dirt anytime.
XXX OOO Grandma