Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Day

We celebrated Easter Day with Marty's family. We had an egg hunt in the lobby at Bumpy's (Marty's Grandma) condo. It was the perfect place for Jack to crawl (because he still has his cast) and hunt for eggs. Uncle Ben got to do all the outdoor and up-high egg hunting. Ben was such a fast egg-hunter that all his pictures are a blur. We had 65 eggs for the 2 boys & fun for all!

Bumpy was thrilled that the egg hunt was at her place. Bryce was thrilled to be held so much!

Bryce enjoyed his first Easter. Well, mostly he enjoyed gumming all of the eggs.

In our attempted family picture, it turns out that 7 month old Bryce is more cooperative than 3 year old Jack, go figure!

Since Bryce can't eat candy yet Mom & Dad are enjoying his share (all part of the plan). Sees candy chocolate, jelly beans & marshmallow eggs yum!


Anonymous said...

Man-it looks like you guys had fun. Bryce is so incredibly cute!!!
And Jack is getting so big! And the cast will be off soon!

aunt lauren.

The Runner Bunch said...

Poor Jack couldn't run around and find the eggs. It looks like he had fun though! Miss you guys. Oh and Haylie loved her card. She carries it all around the house!

Casey or Chris said...

Jack! I keep checking the blog to see pictures of you with your cast off! Did you get it off? I bet you are so excited to run and jump! We love you!