Thursday, March 05, 2009

6 Months Old

Bryce is 6 months old. Okay so he's been 6 months for a while now, but life has been busy! He is such a happy guy now. Ever since he has been given regular solid meals, he has turned into a dream baby. He sleeps through the night, smiles all the time, coos . . . he loves life and food!! Our big boy only fits in 9-12 month cloths and weighs a whopping 23 lbs!

Bryce is already discovering big brother Jack has all the good toys. Yesterday, Bryce pushed all the "baby" toys out of his way and actually crawled to Jack's toy cars. He had a tight grip on the choking hazard known as "Lightning McQueen" when I walked into the room. I didn't know Bryce could crawl and was surprised when I saw him with all of the toy cars.

"OHHHH, I like Jack's toys!"

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Suejump said...

Bryce is such a precious baby. Grandma is delighted with this latest addition to the family.
XXX OOO Grandma