Monday, November 10, 2008

They Grow so Fast

Jack & Bryce seem to grow by the day. When Marty leaves on Monday night (for work) and returns on Thursday he always says, "Wow they grew!"
On Monday night they both seems so big in their own way. Jack helped me give Bryce a bath. Jack was so kind and caring, he seemed so mature.

Bryce was animated and alert in the tubby- suddenly he seemed so much older. Then Jack wanted to read books with Bryce. Jack wrapped his arm under Bryce and part of the time Jack held Bryce's little hand. Jack was such a little leader. Then while Marty read books Bryce was so engaged. Bryce looked at the pages and followed along, never fussing or turning away from the books.

The most exciting "Big Boy" thing is Jack is finally fully potty trained. I took this picture because he was so proud of himself (and we were proud too). Jack, went into the bathroom all by him self, put his special seat on the potty, went #2 and then called from the potty for us to let us know he was all done. We did not even have to tell him to try. Plus, he has been waking up at night to go potty. Incidentally he stands to go #1 because, "That is what big boys do!"


matt & april said...

horrah for jack! as for the growing up part, my heart already aches that fox is getting older every day. i cherish each and every day with him, as i know you do with your 2 beautiful boys.

The Runner Bunch said...

LOVE the new blog design!! So cute! I always see things in my google reader and don't click through to see the actual page so I had no idea it was different. Very cute! Hope you guys are doing well!

Casey or Chris said...

Way to go Jack!! I am so happy for you - you are such a big boy. Sarah, Bryce really does look older just from last weekend! Love you guys...

Ann said...

Congratulations Jack! That's huge progress. What a big boy!

Love the family reading time.

Looking forward to seeing you over Christmas in Sactown.