Saturday, August 05, 2006

Jackson is 8 Months Old

Jackson is 8 months old. This month Jackson’s most favorite thing is going to Gymboree. At Gymboree he plays, sings, dances, and meet other baby-buddies. This month he has really grown! He no longer fits in any of his 6 month clothes and can just squeeze into his 9 month clothes, 12 month clothes are usually the best fit. He didn’t out grow his clothes by chance... Jackson loves to eat! When he is eating he makes sounds of joy. He waves his spoon in the air and coos!

Jackson crawls quickly now! We cannot leave him alone for a second. He does not paly with any of his toys. Instead he likes to play with shoes (yuck), boxes, and anything dangerous in sight. He can walk around an object (our laundry basket is his favorite), and has begun to pull himself up to a standing position. He did this for the first time a week ago, but has gotten much more stable this week.

"Look Daddy I am standing up and holding on with one hand!"

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