Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Jackson's Northern California Tour

Jackson has been a very busy guy. In February, on Saturday the 25th, he met most of his aunts and Cousins (on Sarah’s side of the family). Grandma (Suzanne) hosted an open house so family members could drop by and meet Jackson. Haleigh, Jackson’s second cousin, helped prepare the food and set the table!

March 2 and 3 Jackson went to the Bay Area. He went to Marshall Elementary School and met the teachers Sarah use to work with. He also got to meet some of the students that were in Sarah’s class. On Friday night he was watched by Nana (Barbara), and Poppa (Bruce) in the hotel room at the Clift. Sarah and Marty took a cooking class hosted by BCG, Marty’s summer employer. Here is Jack lounging on the plush bed at the Clift.

March 4 and 5 Jackson visited April, Matt and Gimli (the dog) in Truckee. Liz (Sarah’s friend from 7th grade) and Sarah took Jackson to Truckee to see April and tour the beautiful Sierra Mountains. While we visited we had a surprise birthday celebration for April with a Double Chocolate birthday cake from Freeport Bakery.

On March 7th Jackson met Haylie. He enjoyed visiting with Haylie and playing with her toys. Here is a link to Haylie’s web page.

Jackson loved meeting all of his family and friends. He was spoiled non-stop my his Grandma and his Nana.

We are so lucky to have such warm and loving people in our life!!

To see more pictures of Jackson’s Northern California trip click the link below

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