Thursday, January 05, 2006

Jackson is 1 Month Old!

Jack seems to be a happy little guy. He enjoys kicking his legs and waving his arms. He carefully watches objects in motion. Jack loves his mobile, activity gym, and bouncy seat.

Jack also loves being on the go. He is most content in loud public places. Recently, he went with mom and dad to watch the Rose Bowl at the Public House in downtown Philadelphia. He slept peacefully through most of the game, not one single cry or fuss! Additionally, Jack enjoys cruising around in his stroller. He likes going to Rittenhouse square, the local coffee shop, church, and historic Philly venues. To celebrate his first month out in the world we took Jack to the Reading Terminal. This is an indoor market where fresh fruit, cheeses, meats, and Amish treats are sold. Jack enjoyed looking at the booths and people, then drifted off to sleep. Again, not a single tear!

Our greatest thrill is that Jack has begun smiling! He first smiled at dad, much to mommy’s dismay. He is especially happy in the mornings and enjoys his morning play time with dad (while mom catches up on sleep). Jack is the greatest blessing and we are celebrating one month with him!

To see more photos of Jack’s first dinner out, our trip to Reading Terminal, and Jack’s favorite time of day (bath time) click on the following link.

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