Monday, October 24, 2005

Dinner in New York

This past Saturday night we made a short getaway to New York City to have dinner with several friends from San Francisco. The dinner was planned by our friend Derrick, a passionate food and wine connoisseur (see his blog here: We ate at Blue Hill in a private back room where we enjoyed a multi-course meal with wonderful wines paired with each course. The evening began with appetizers and champagne (Sarah is drinking sparkling cider in the photo below).

The group included Ginger and Kurt (now in Boston), Eric (now in New York), Young, Jeff, Jenn, Chris, Winnie, Sean-Michael, Ling, Nancy, Derrick, and Melissa (all from San Francisco).

All told, it was a wonderful evening full of great food, wine, and conversation. We finished our desserts and coffee around midnight.

Click the link below to see more pictures from the evening.

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